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Some 300 West Berbice Children Receive Backpacks

Close to 300 primary school students from West Berbice are recipients of new backpacks filled with school supplies and personal hygiene items from members of the US-based charity, Backpack International, Inc. (BPI).

"We came to Guyana catering for 250 children and we ended up with 295 or more", founder member of BPI, Oslyn Rodriguez.

The organizers included Rodriguez, who traveled from Auburn, Alabama with five other me

mbers of her religious non-profit organisation, as well as local student teachers and West Berbice church members who volunteered their services.

Rodriguez explained that she is a Guyanese who was born in Linden and lived at Belle Vue Village, West Coast Berbice not far from Plantation Ross during her formative years.

“I am a trained school teacher and school administrator. I saw the difference education made in my life. Also Jesus was introduced to me by my grandparents. So Jesus and education were the two things that made a difference in my life and so that is why BP Int Inc was formed. 

This article was published by Guyana Chronicle on September 1, 2017.

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