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About US

Our goal at Backpack International is to provide families in need by blessing them with essentials, from donating a meal to a local family or a backpack filled with school supplies and toiletries. Keep scrolling to find out more about how we serve. 


Backpack International was founded in 2016 when Oslyn Rodriguez visited her native country Guyana, South America after 14 years, to celebrate her grandfather's 85th birthday. 

Her family held an outdoor gathering and invited children from the local village to share in the festivities. About 50 children arrived. As everyone sang songs and enjoyed food and drinks, Oslyn began to look around the village. She didn't see a playground or park. There was no community center or library. Many children were barefooted, and it was not by choice. Others wore tattered clothing. Later that day, Oslyn jotted down a few ideas about what she could do help these children.


where it started

With 3 major rivers running through its landscape, Guyana is appropriately dubbed "land of many waters". 

Despite this positive attribute, "water" has actually been one of the main factors in Guyana's economic woes. Constant flooding and torrential downpours have contributed to Guyana's status as the third poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.


According to the Bureau of Statistics, 31% of Guyanese are living in poverty, of that number nearly half are children 16 years old and younger.  Help Backpack International make a difference in a child's life in Guyana.

-Bureau of Statistics

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Backpack International started by giving backpacks to children in Guyana, but we soon realized the need was just as great locally. We shifted to serve our local area of Lee County in Alabama by partnering with others to provide backpacks and food to those in need. If you would like to donate to help serve families in need click the button below!

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